Change of command for Kazak expeditionary force and support personnel for Haqqislam

Some new models have joined by expanding Infinity collection!


For my Haqqislam we have the Support box. This box has a Ghulam Doctor, Najjarun Engineer and 2 Nazmats.

The Ghulam Doctor has long been a staple in my armies but now I’ll actually be able to field the actual model instead of proxying with my Daylami. She is a real boon because unlike the line infantry in other armies who only get a (surprisingly lethal) paramedic, Haqqislam gets Doctor Plus! Combined with her willpower of 14 that means my cheap doctor will be able to revive any unconscious friendlies on a 17 or lower. This becomes even more powerful when combined with a Nazmat, a little helper  robot who activates at the same time as the model it is attached to. This allows a doctor or engineer to help their charges without endangering themselves or potentially helping TWO people at once.

The Najjarun is an engineer which means he can repair my REMs. He also carries D-Charges which can be really helpful for certain missions, blowing holes in walls, or emergency anti-TAG duty. Okay the latter is probably a terrible idea.


For Ariadna we have Colonel Voronin! I have been wanting this model for quite some time because with his casually authoritative stance and domesticated Antipode, the man just screams “I’m in charge”. He has Strategos 1 which means his Lieutenant order becomes a regular order. This is great for engaging in a bit of маскировка since the extra order can make your opponent assume there is no AD waiting to walk onto the table.


These guys will get some paint on them soon, or else the August Painting Pledge thread on Infinity’s forum will be annoyed with me.


I am also experimenting with compressing images more to try and improve the speed of the site, let me know how the pictures turn out.

Suvorov-class Cruisers

The Russian Coalition is one step closer to being complete! Only the 5 Kazimov class corvettes are left.




DSCN0355 DSCN0356

I really like the Russian sculpts for this game. They are just packed with detail; making them really fun to paint. One thing I have noticed though is that the Russian ships are significantly larger than the British ships. The Borodino battleship next to the Ruler battleship is especially jarring.


Guess this explains why the Russians are slow.

Starting Russian Coalition and Painting How-To

I recently decided to start the Russian Coalition for Dystopian Wars for two reasons. One; I wanted another excuse to be able to declare all my actions in a game in Russian. Two: the models looked really fun to paint! In this setting the Russians are one of the more advanced nations because they have advanced machinery from stolen designs taken from the Covenant of Antarctica. They are not a fast fleet, rather they are a slow brutal armored fist that smashes their opponents at close range. And I am not kidding about the armored part since they have the Ablative Armour MAR which makes them extra tough to take down. And here they are!


Really happy with how the paint scheme turned out! Some may be wondering how I got the hull to look that smoky black color, so here is the recipe.


  1. Basecoat the hull with Celestra Grey, the roofs with Khorne Red, any wood with Rhinox Hide and the metal areas with Leadbelcher.
  2. Highlight the roofs with Evil Sunz Scarlet and the wood with Mournfang Brown.
  3. Wash everything with Nuln Oil
  4. Apply a wash of Adrax Earthshade to the grey areas, this gives the eventual black hull a more natural looking black.
  5. Then do two more washes of Nuln Oil to the grey areas.
  6. Once everything is dry, highlight the pipes with Ironbreaker.

And voila!


The result is a nice looking black that has the grey coming through slightly as a natural highlight. This technique also works really well for black armor, such as a Space Marine Chaplain.

Haqqislam reinforcements

There have been quite a few reinforcements to the Haqqislam since their last appearance.

DSCN0332 DSCN0333

This is Saladin. He is an ALEPH recreation of the Syrian king who famously faced Richard the Lionheart during the crusades. He is meant to be an armies Lieutenant because he provides some really helpful army-wide bonuses while being very durable thanks to No Wound Incapacitation. This is because he has the Strategos lvl 3 rule. Strategos turns his Lieutenant order into a Regular one and also prevents your opponent from reserving units in Deployment.


DSCN0328 DSCN0329

Murabids Tuareg are TO camouflage infiltrators that are usually Specialists. TO camo pretty much means they have the same camouflage as the alien from Predator. I usually field either the Doctor Plus or Assault Hacker profile because it is very helpful to have one of they guys appear when needed.


DSCN0326 DSCN0327

Hunzakuts are an Irregular infiltrator that is good at intercepting early game rushes. She also has a deployable repeater which greatly extends the range of my Hackers. This makes her really good at setting traps since they deploy closer to the enemy’s lines.


DSCN0324 DSCN0325

Shihab Remote is one of the best defensive units available to Haqqislam. This is because he has a Heavy Machine Gun with the Total Reaction rule. Total Reaction allows him to shoot with his full Burst. Typically, this will effect enemy plans in one of two ways: either they will avoid it like the plague to be engaged by the rest of my force or will ignore the rest of my force to focus all their fire on him.


DSCN0322 DSCN0323

Rafiq Remote is not as immediately scary as the Shihab but it is absolutely crucial against Ariadna given their plethora of camo. This is because it has a Sensor which automatically reveals all hidden units near it. It is also very fast and has a repeater to extend my Hackers range.


DSCN0320 DSCN0321

The Azr’ail with AP HMG is just plain scary. He is a giant walking suit of armor with a large machine gun. As can be expected he is exceptional at holding down a flank. Since his HMG has AP ammo he is also a decent threat to TAGS.

Updated Ariadna

My Ariadnans have expanded slightly since my last update. Really I have only added two Traktor Muls, which brings me to about 300 points of Ariadnans! The Kazaks are slowly expanding, eventually I will get an Antipode Assault Pack and more Scouts. To celebrate though I’ve decided to take new cleaner (hopefully) pictures of them for the gallery.


Here are the Traktor Muls, some of the only hackable things in all of Ariadna. They are somewhat slower than other armies remotes but they are quite a bit cheaper points-wise and somewhat more durable. They also have the Baggage rule which makes them count for more points in certain missions for territory holding. More importantly the can resupply other units disposable weapons so you can lay down even more mines. There are three kinds of Traktor Muls: Uragan, Katyusha and Minesweepers. With the exception of the Minesweeper, they have the Guided rule which pairs really well with the plethora of Forward Observers that Ariadna can field.

DSCN0285 DSCN0286


This is the Uragan Traktor Mul. It is a multiple rocket launcher system that has three fire modes: Guided, Blast and Hit. Each fire mode uses AP and Shock ammo but Hit mode does slightly more damage. This is a really useful defensive piece because it has the Total Reaction rule so it fires three shots in ARO instead of one.


DSCN0287 DSCN0288

This is the Katyusha. It is also a multiple rocket launcher system but this uses DA ammo instead. This is meant to be used more against groups of enemies.


The Minesweeper is the same as the others but lacking weapons.I typically use one of the other models as a proxy for this if needed.

Minesweepers are useful because they are only 5 points, so really good for generating cheap orders. They can also steal your enemy’s mines and Netrods. Otherwise they are unarmed.


Main downside to the Traktor Muls is that they are not the most accurate shots in the world, and their weapons do not have the best range bands. When they hit though it is a very bad day for their target.

I have returned!

So it has been a very long time since I posted, real life decided to be very chaotic for quite some time. Everything has stabilized now with since the missus and I have now moved into our new house, I left my job and just got accepted (finally!) into a graduate program in Military History. As such I have decided to revive my blog! All two of my readers will be delighted. So there have been a few additions and updates since my last post, including the ones I talked about but have not posted. Stay tuned for more painting, maybe a battle report and of course more rambling.


haqqislam force

I decided to start a second Infinity army mainly because I really like the models for Haqqislam but also because I always like to have two armies for a miniatures game so I can run demo games. Haqqislam is essentially Islam if it goes along a semi-secular humanist route in the future. It is a really interesting perspective especially given recent events wrongly encouraging people to focus only on negative portrayals of Islam. Due to their humanist ideology and focus on the pursuit of knowledge, Haqqislam has hands down the best Doctors in the game as well as some very advanced pieces of technology that other factions do not get. However, their technology still pales in comparison to some of their competitors but it seems downright magical compared to my Ariadnans.


haqqislam 3haqqislam 5

The chap on the left is called a Fiday and he is a die hard assassin who can Impersonate other models until he walks up and brutally murders someone. On the left we have one of my Daylami who is a tribal fighter armed with a Panzerfaust.


haqqislam 4haqqislam 6

On the left we have a rifle armed Daylami. To his right is a Lasiq with a Viral Sniper Rifle, who is frankly terrifying as she shoots a souped up version of the Hantavirus into people while doing parkour.


haqqislam 1haqqislam 7

Here we have a Muyib demolitions specialst, a Barid hacker and a Ragik. As you can probably surmise from the wings the Ragik, he jumps out of space ships and plunges down onto the battlefield to deliver a very swift death to people. He can also be a terrifyingly effective hacker due to his high Willpower.

I’m Back

So that hiatus lasted much longer than I ever intended. A mixture of life events and frankly apathy have distracted me of late so my apologies to my 1 or 2 readers out there. The biggest of those events is that as of October 24th I am now very happily married. Within the next couple of days I will be posting way too many pictures for I have not been idle.

All of the Ariadnans have now been painted and based. Additionally I decided to start up a second Infinity force so my Ariadnans will be joined by Haqqislam. The models I have for them have also been fully painted and based. I will create a step by step tutorial of both forces color schemes once I acquire more models for both forces. Haqqislam is not the only additional army I’ve started though. The Russian Coalition’s White Navy for Dystopian Wars now graces my painting table, though admittedly they have not been painted yet. Finally I have also finished “Da Tannenbaum”!


In sum, I’ve been busy but pictures will resume shortly, most likely tomorrow or within the week since I have to work today and tomorrow.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Ariadna Painting Update

I went into a bit of a painting frenzy this time and have completed all of the models from the last update except one of the Dog Warriors. And here they are in all their glory!

First up is the Dozer. I decided to paint him similarly to the original model but I decided to make his helmet and flak coat blue instead of yellow.

Dozer 3 Dozer 2 Dozer 1


Next up are the Dogfaces. This is actually the first time I’ve painted this much exposed human skin so it was a bit of a challenge. Luckily the hundred or so Orks I’ve painted have left me well versed in how to paint muscular bodies.

Dogfaces 2 Dogfaces 1



One thing I very quickly found about the Tankhunter with Autocannon is that he is significantly smaller than the more recent Ariadna releases. This was quickly apparent when I first opened the box but it really hit home while I was painting him. Having said that he was still a delight to paint and I still really like how the scanner on his hip turned out.

AC Tankhunter 1 AC Tankhunter 2 AC Tankhunter 3


Finally, one of  the Dog Warriors. I found an old tutorial for painting grey toned skin on From The Warp, a blog that I really wish was still active. To get the effect I used Dheneb Stone as a base which was then washed with Asurman Blue. I then highlighted the skin with more Dheneb Stone and gave that a light wash in Nuln Oil. Washing in thinned Nuln Oil was really the only deviance I made from the tutorial but it came out really well, definitely would not want to run into this guy in an alley somewhere.


Dog Warrior 4 Dog Warrior 3 Dog Warrior 1


Now I only have two models left for my Ariadnan force. Everyone knows about the other Dog Warrior but a surprise came in the mail. I had preordered the new Tankhunter with HMG and he arrived sooner than I thought he would.



There has been quite the debate on his pose but I absolutely love the menacing nonchalance that comes off the model.


Tankhunters, Engineers, and Werewolves Oh My

I have yet to play a game of Infinity but I aim to be prepared. In other words I was in a bit of slump and decided to cure that in the form of pewter. Now my Ariadnan strike force has some pretty cool reinforcements that are going to be a lot of fun. So here they are!

Ariadna Reinforcements

I really like the sculpts that Corvus Beli produces because these models are gorgeous!


This guy below is a Dozer. Kind of a mixture between an engineer, tinkerer and scavenger these guys are the main reason why Ariadna still has functional technology. In game terms he is my first dedicated specialist which is really important if I ever decide to go to an Infinity tournament.



Since the opponents I plan to go up against all really like the look of their factions TAGs (giant robots) I figured having someone called a Tankhunter would be quite helpful. Not only do these guys work as ambush predators with their Camouflage, but the Autocannon packs one hell of a punch. This is because it uses both AP and EXP ammunition types so anything he shoots at will be at half armor and he gets extra damage dice.

Tankhunter with Autocannon


Then there are these guys, Ariadna’s response to every other factions fancy mechs: Dogfaces and Dog Warriors. I’ll admit I am really looking forward to painting these guys. The mechanics for them are really interesting because they start the battle as Dogfaces (the burly guys with the knives) but if they get wounded they transform into the Dog Warriors. As you can imagine, these Werewolves are absolutely terrifying in close combat.

Dogface and Dog Warrior 1 Dogface and Dog Warrior 2

Unfortunately only one of them came with his tail so I had to sculpt the other one, hopefully its not too fluffy.


So there we have it. Reinforcements for Ariadna have been acquired so now it is on to painting them. Next update will either be me finishing up some of my Orks, working on the Ariadnans or possibly revealing my Space Marines.