Monthly Archives: May 2016

Haqqislam reinforcements

There have been quite a few reinforcements to the Haqqislam since their last appearance. This is Saladin. He is an ALEPH recreation of the Syrian king who famously faced Richard the Lionheart during the crusades. He is meant to be an armies Lieutenant because he provides some really helpful army-wide bonuses while being very durable [Continue]

Updated Ariadna

My Ariadnans have expanded slightly since my last update. Really I have only added two Traktor Muls, which brings me to about 300 points of Ariadnans! The Kazaks are slowly expanding, eventually I will get an Antipode Assault Pack and more Scouts. To celebrate though I’ve decided to take new cleaner (hopefully) pictures of them [Continue]

I have returned!

So it has been a very long time since I posted, real life decided to be very chaotic for quite some time. Everything has stabilized now with since the missus and I have now moved into our new house, I left my job and just got accepted (finally!) into a graduate program in Military History. [Continue]