Ariadna Painting Update

I went into a bit of a painting frenzy this time and have completed all of the models from the last update except one of the Dog Warriors. And here they are in all their glory!

First up is the Dozer. I decided to paint him similarly to the original model but I decided to make his helmet and flak coat blue instead of yellow.

Dozer 3 Dozer 2 Dozer 1


Next up are the Dogfaces. This is actually the first time I’ve painted this much exposed human skin so it was a bit of a challenge. Luckily the hundred or so Orks I’ve painted have left me well versed in how to paint muscular bodies.

Dogfaces 2 Dogfaces 1



One thing I very quickly found about the Tankhunter with Autocannon is that he is significantly smaller than the more recent Ariadna releases. This was quickly apparent when I first opened the box but it really hit home while I was painting him. Having said that he was still a delight to paint and I still really like how the scanner on his hip turned out.

AC Tankhunter 1 AC Tankhunter 2 AC Tankhunter 3


Finally, one of  the Dog Warriors. I found an old tutorial for painting grey toned skin on From The Warp, a blog that I really wish was still active. To get the effect I used Dheneb Stone as a base which was then washed with Asurman Blue. I then highlighted the skin with more Dheneb Stone and gave that a light wash in Nuln Oil. Washing in thinned Nuln Oil was really the only deviance I made from the tutorial but it came out really well, definitely would not want to run into this guy in an alley somewhere.


Dog Warrior 4 Dog Warrior 3 Dog Warrior 1


Now I only have two models left for my Ariadnan force. Everyone knows about the other Dog Warrior but a surprise came in the mail. I had preordered the new Tankhunter with HMG and he arrived sooner than I thought he would.



There has been quite the debate on his pose but I absolutely love the menacing nonchalance that comes off the model.