Attacker Frigates Step by Step

2015-01-22 02.35.38

So here is my first step by step rundown of how I paint my Britannian fleet. This time I painted up eight Attacker class Frigates, which are really nasty little blighters despite their small size. Fast and deadly with their torpedoes and twin turrets they can easily cripple a battleship in a single turn of shooting if they are close enough.

2015-01-21 23.17.23

First I primed them black with Formula P3 primer, which I find gives a nice even coat that does not go on too thick.


2015-01-21 23.17.46

Then I put on the base coat with Adminstratum Grey for the hull, Warplock Bronze for the engines and smoke stacks and Leadbelcher for the gun barrels and torpedo tubes.


2015-01-22 01.20.48

Following the base coat, I washed the hull with Guilliman Blue to give it a nice deep blue color and then picked out the boilers and main engine cowlings with Brass Scorpion. The fronts of the engines and the smoke stacks were highlighted with Screaming Bell. After the smokestacks and engine cowlings were dry I then painted the energy coils and windows Caledor Sky.


2015-01-22 02.35.29


The final step was then to wash the engine cowlings and boilers with Seraphim Sepia and the Leadbelcher sections with Nuln Oil. The hull was then highlighted with Codex Grey and the energy coils with Hoeth Blue.


Voila! Eight complete Attacker Frigates!

Attacker Frigates