Change of command for Kazak expeditionary force and support personnel for Haqqislam

Some new models have joined by expanding Infinity collection!


For my Haqqislam we have the Support box. This box has a Ghulam Doctor, Najjarun Engineer and 2 Nazmats.

The Ghulam Doctor has long been a staple in my armies but now I’ll actually be able to field the actual model instead of proxying with my Daylami. She is a real boon because unlike the line infantry in other armies who only get a (surprisingly lethal) paramedic, Haqqislam gets Doctor Plus! Combined with her willpower of 14 that means my cheap doctor will be able to revive any unconscious friendlies on a 17 or lower. This becomes even more powerful when combined with a Nazmat, a little helper  robot who activates at the same time as the model it is attached to. This allows a doctor or engineer to help their charges without endangering themselves or potentially helping TWO people at once.

The Najjarun is an engineer which means he can repair my REMs. He also carries D-Charges which can be really helpful for certain missions, blowing holes in walls, or emergency anti-TAG duty. Okay the latter is probably a terrible idea.


For Ariadna we have Colonel Voronin! I have been wanting this model for quite some time because with his casually authoritative stance and domesticated Antipode, the man just screams “I’m in charge”. He has Strategos 1 which means his Lieutenant order becomes a regular order. This is great for engaging in a bit of маскировка since the extra order can make your opponent assume there is no AD waiting to walk onto the table.


These guys will get some paint on them soon, or else the August Painting Pledge thread on Infinity’s forum will be annoyed with me.


I am also experimenting with compressing images more to try and improve the speed of the site, let me know how the pictures turn out.