Da Tannenbomm

2015-01-21 23.19.15

Meet “Da Tannenbomm”, my Christmas tree inspired Stompa. The name is a bastardization of the German word for a Christmas tree, Tannenbaum. I imagine an Ork hearing that word and that it was for a holiday would assume that an exploding tree is an awesome idea. It is still a work in progress at this time because I pause every now and then because the model is so huge (its about a foot tall, and roughly the same mass as Chihuahua)!

I got to the current state by airbrushing the hull with Caliban Green and then picking out the metal bits in Leadbelcher or Warplock Bronze (which was then highlighted with Brassy Brass). The yellow parts were first painted with Iyanden Darksun and then I put on a few layers of Yriel Yellow. The turrets and ammo hoppers were basecoated with Mechrite Red and the shoulder pads were based in Macragge Blue and then highlighted with Caledor Sky. The feet are done in Rhinox Hide to make it look like a tree trunk though I am planning to weather it a bit with some exposed metal work via some stippling and drybrushing.

I still plan to make the smoke stacks on the back and one of the supa-rokkits look more like candy canes. The next part of the model I’m going to tackle is to paint on some crude ornaments on the hull and also drybrush the green parts very lightly white to get a frosting effect.

Here are some additional pictures from other angles:

2015-01-21 23.19.272015-01-21 23.19.49