First Post

Greetings to the Internet, I’m Audun54 and this will be a loosely updated chronicle of my forays into tabletop war gaming. Primarily, this will be a hobby blog focusing around my painting and some limited conversion work. I have been an avid wargamer for around 15 years now but I have yet to fully finish painting any of my armies. This blog will be my attempt to correct that. I play in a number of systems including Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Battlefleet Gothic, Dystopian Wars, and Dystopian Legions. Additionally, I’ll occasionally share my thoughts on the state of the hobby, some discussions on background material and occasionally a battle report or two. Or I’ll just ramble about something, who can say!

At this time I currently collect:

  • Space Marines (Angels of Repentance)
  • Imperial Guard (54th Cadian)
  • Orks (Churchal’s Foot Brigade)
  • Eldar (Alaitoc)
  • The Empire (Middenheim)
  • Warriors of Chaos (The Sanguine Brotherhood)
  • Tomb Kings (The Jade Legion)
  • The Imperial Navy (Battlefleet Scarus)
  • The Kingdom of Britannia in both Dystopian Wars and Legions (7th Northern Fleet and 95th Rifles respectively)


Thank you to the rare wanderer who finds and reads this, hopefully you will enjoy the journey as much as I do.