haqqislam force

I decided to start a second Infinity army mainly because I really like the models for Haqqislam but also because I always like to have two armies for a miniatures game so I can run demo games. Haqqislam is essentially Islam if it goes along a semi-secular humanist route in the future. It is a really interesting perspective especially given recent events wrongly encouraging people to focus only on negative portrayals of Islam. Due to their humanist ideology and focus on the pursuit of knowledge, Haqqislam has hands down the best Doctors in the game as well as some very advanced pieces of technology that other factions do not get. However, their technology still pales in comparison to some of their competitors but it seems downright magical compared to my Ariadnans.


haqqislam 3haqqislam 5

The chap on the left is called a Fiday and he is a die hard assassin who can Impersonate other models until he walks up and brutally murders someone. On the left we have one of my Daylami who is a tribal fighter armed with a Panzerfaust.


haqqislam 4haqqislam 6

On the left we have a rifle armed Daylami. To his right is a Lasiq with a Viral Sniper Rifle, who is frankly terrifying as she shoots a souped up version of the Hantavirus into people while doing parkour.


haqqislam 1haqqislam 7

Here we have a Muyib demolitions specialst, a Barid hacker and a Ragik. As you can probably surmise from the wings the Ragik, he jumps out of space ships and plunges down onto the battlefield to deliver a very swift death to people. He can also be a terrifyingly effective hacker due to his high Willpower.