I’m Back

So that hiatus lasted much longer than I ever intended. A mixture of life events and frankly apathy have distracted me of late so my apologies to my 1 or 2 readers out there. The biggest of those events is that as of October 24th I am now very happily married. Within the next couple of days I will be posting way too many pictures for I have not been idle.

All of the Ariadnans have now been painted and based. Additionally I decided to start up a second Infinity force so my Ariadnans will be joined by Haqqislam. The models I have for them have also been fully painted and based. I will create a step by step tutorial of both forces color schemes once I acquire more models for both forces. Haqqislam is not the only additional army I’ve started though. The Russian Coalition’s White Navy for Dystopian Wars now graces my painting table, though admittedly they have not been painted yet. Finally I have also finished “Da Tannenbaum”!


In sum, I’ve been busy but pictures will resume shortly, most likely tomorrow or within the week since I have to work today and tomorrow.


Happy Thanksgiving!