New Game and New Minis

Wow it has been a while since I updated! Work and some projects have eaten up alot of my free time and energy but I have returned. With my return I have also brought a new game system; I present to you all Infinity.

Ariadna Unpainted Ariadna 3 Ariadna 2 Ariadna 1

As you will no doubt notice, I wasted no time in getting these guys painted up. These three guys right here actually could comprise an entire (albeit small) army in Infinity because it is Skirmish game. Infinity is set amidst the Human Sphere, a collection of human colonized planets a few hundred years from today. Stylistically it has a lot of Anime influences but I was really drawn to the least Animesque least technologically advanced factions, Ariadna. Where other factions get nifty Meks and Hackers, Ariadna gets werewolves and a lot of snipers. They are the descendants of the first human offworld settlers on the planet of Dawn that has developed independently of the rest of humanity. The faction itself is split up into the various nationalities of the original settlers: Americans, Russian Cossacks, French and the Scottish.

Spetsnaz Sniper Spetsnaz Sniper 4 Spetsnaz Sniper 3


This upstanding fellow here is a Kazak Spetsnaz Sniper who will make anyone crossing his sites really regret that decision.

Spetsnaz Sniper 2 Spetsnaz Paratrooper Spetsnaz Paratrooper 2

Where the sniper is an ambush predator, the Kazak Spetsnaz Paratrooper is more the run up to and violently murder kind of predator.

Scout 3 Scout 2 Scout 1


Finally, this leaves the Scout who deploys ahead and either lays down deadly sniper fire or plants tripwires.


And there we have it, cant wait to actually give this game a try!