Another Belated Update

This month I went a little crazy and realized that almost none of my Orks were actually based! This has now been corrected with every Ork mini now based (with the exception of about 20 grots). Now everyone can tremble in fear of my Orks wearing orange camouflage in an urban environment. My Orks understand that camo can help someone hide but they have yet to realize that the camo has to actually match the terrain. Speaking of camo I have expanded my Ariadnan force with some Tankhunters, though only one of them has arrived so far, but he and his Autocannon will certainly make an impression.

(I will add pictures to this article tomorrow when I have a chance to take some)

New Game and New Minis

Wow it has been a while since I updated! Work and some projects have eaten up alot of my free time and energy but I have returned. With my return I have also brought a new game system; I present to you all Infinity.

Ariadna Unpainted Ariadna 3 Ariadna 2 Ariadna 1

As you will no doubt notice, I wasted no time in getting these guys painted up. These three guys right here actually could comprise an entire (albeit small) army in Infinity because it is Skirmish game. Infinity is set amidst the Human Sphere, a collection of human colonized planets a few hundred years from today. Stylistically it has a lot of Anime influences but I was really drawn to the least Animesque least technologically advanced factions, Ariadna. Where other factions get nifty Meks and Hackers, Ariadna gets werewolves and a lot of snipers. They are the descendants of the first human offworld settlers on the planet of Dawn that has developed independently of the rest of humanity. The faction itself is split up into the various nationalities of the original settlers: Americans, Russian Cossacks, French and the Scottish.

Spetsnaz Sniper Spetsnaz Sniper 4 Spetsnaz Sniper 3


This upstanding fellow here is a Kazak Spetsnaz Sniper who will make anyone crossing his sites really regret that decision.

Spetsnaz Sniper 2 Spetsnaz Paratrooper Spetsnaz Paratrooper 2

Where the sniper is an ambush predator, the Kazak Spetsnaz Paratrooper is more the run up to and violently murder kind of predator.

Scout 3 Scout 2 Scout 1


Finally, this leaves the Scout who deploys ahead and either lays down deadly sniper fire or plants tripwires.


And there we have it, cant wait to actually give this game a try!


The Doctor Will See You Now


Painboy and Grot Orderly

With those ships painted I decided to continue working on my Orks. What better way to start than with a Painboy and his Orderly.

PainboyGrot OrderlyPainboy and Grot Orderly 2

Here they are in all their bloody glory. When I picture an Ork doctor, I cant help but picture him as being drenched in blood. This is an Ork we are talking about after all, I doubt cleanliness factors into his bedside manner. I decided not to do a step by step of my process here because the Painboy has a distinct lack of skin to really showcase my method properly.

The blood is done by a process I found on the forum Bolters and Chainswords ages ago but it really is an outstanding find. To get the right color I mixed together Rhinox Hide, Abaddon Black, and Tamiya’s Clear Red. The Tamiya paint is the key to getting that nice wet look to the blood but by itself it looks more like red corn syrup. However mix in just enough brown and black and it looks nice and visceral (the levels of black and brown really depend on how old you want the blood to look).

Challenge Complete!

Tribals and Bastions

Huzzah! I managed to complete the adjusted challenge and have now successfully painted all of my original Britannian vessels. Once the next box arrives I will only have 5 Valiant submarines, 5 Merlin Interceptors, 3 more Hawk Scout Rotors, 3 Dominion Support Cruisers, a Vengeance submersible battleship, and an Illustrious class Sky Fortress. So I might still have more painting ahead of me but I think we are ready for a small change of pace, maybe something loud and green.


Painting Update and Reinforcements

So I have good news and bad news. Good news is I have finished the Eagle War Rotor and am on the last stages for the remaining Tribal cruisers and Bastion escorts.

Eagle War RotorEagle War Rotor 2

(cat added for color balance)

Bad news is that I have failed my self imposed challenge because the first of my Britannian reinforcements have arrived.

Wolf Flotilla

The Wolf Pack Flotilla will be bringing in some much needed small vessels in the form of the Valiant submarines along with the giant Vengeance class submarine, which is a submersible battleship with a giant chainsaw.

Wolf Flotilla 2Wolf Flotilla 3

I do not know anyone who can really resist the image of having a giant chainsaw tear through some unsuspecting ship while looking it’s coming straight from a Jules Verne novel.

However I have a way to salvage at least some pride, there is another box of reinforcements on its way that has yet to arrive. So the challenge is being altered, now lets see if I can finish those Tribals and Bastions before the second box arrives!

Site Outage

Sorry if the site has been inaccessible for the past few days, I have been having issues with the site hosting. Apparently the SSL was improperly installed on the server but that appears to have been resolved. Except with Windows 8. For some reason the site still has issues with computers running Windows 8 so I am still working on that.

Don’t worry though, there are some posts in the pipeline and shall resume tomorrow.

Reinforcements and Vanguard Step by Step

Within the next few days the Britannians will be getting quite a few reinforcements so I figured I’d set myself a challenge: see if I could finish all of the ships currently on my table before reinforcements arrive!

I started with finishing up the Hawk Scout Rotor squadron in a very similar scheme to the Attacker frigates posted earlier. The only main difference is that the Hawks have much more wood paneling on on them which were painted with Rhinox Hide as a base and then overbrushed with Mournfang Brown.

Finished Hawk


Now onto the step by step because I knew these submarines were going to be tricky going in because of the water bases. I wanted to avoid going with the typical bright blue color that most people paint the ocean, so I decided to go for something that looked kind of like the English Channel on a cloudy day though it might have ended up as something more Mediterranean.



First thing I did was basecoat the vessels themselves with Administratum Grey on the armor and Warplock Brass on the engine pods and smoke stack. Following this the metal areas such as the chainsaw’s superstructure and torpedo tubes were picked out in Leadbelcher. The water’s base is comprised of a mixture of one part Necron Abyss and three parts Caliban Green.


Vanguard 1


Now for the next step the hull was washed in Guilliman Blue. While this was drying, the fronts of the engine pods, ballast tanks and smokestacks were painted with Screaming Bell while the rest of the engine was done in Brass Scorpion. The base for the energy coils was then laid on with Caledor Sky. Following this, I highlighted the chainsaw blades with Ironbreaker. Now finding a color to highlight the water proved a bit tricky until I dug up an ancient bottle of Scaly Green that was still somewhat wet.

Vanguard 3


For the final steps I applied a liberal washing of Nuln Oil for the silver areas and Seraphim Sepia for the other metallic areas. While the washes were drying, the hull was given its final highlight of Codex Grey and the energy coils with Hoeth Blue. Once the washes dried, the chainsaw blades were highlighted with Mithril Silver to give it a well used sheen. The water was highlighted in two stages. Stage one was to apply a highlight of 2 parts White Scar and 2 parts Scaly Green. Then I applied a very watered down highlight of White Scar to the crests of the waves, intentionally making the intensity of the white uneven. The engine wake was given a very heavy drybrush of White Scar to make it look more choppy.

And there we go! Two completed Vanguard Submarines and their submerged markers. Now we only have 3 Tribal Cruisers and 1 Eagle War Rotor remaining.

Finished VanguardFinished Vanguard 2

Attacker Frigates Step by Step

2015-01-22 02.35.38

So here is my first step by step rundown of how I paint my Britannian fleet. This time I painted up eight Attacker class Frigates, which are really nasty little blighters despite their small size. Fast and deadly with their torpedoes and twin turrets they can easily cripple a battleship in a single turn of shooting if they are close enough.

2015-01-21 23.17.23

First I primed them black with Formula P3 primer, which I find gives a nice even coat that does not go on too thick.


2015-01-21 23.17.46

Then I put on the base coat with Adminstratum Grey for the hull, Warplock Bronze for the engines and smoke stacks and Leadbelcher for the gun barrels and torpedo tubes.


2015-01-22 01.20.48

Following the base coat, I washed the hull with Guilliman Blue to give it a nice deep blue color and then picked out the boilers and main engine cowlings with Brass Scorpion. The fronts of the engines and the smoke stacks were highlighted with Screaming Bell. After the smokestacks and engine cowlings were dry I then painted the energy coils and windows Caledor Sky.


2015-01-22 02.35.29


The final step was then to wash the engine cowlings and boilers with Seraphim Sepia and the Leadbelcher sections with Nuln Oil. The hull was then highlighted with Codex Grey and the energy coils with Hoeth Blue.


Voila! Eight complete Attacker Frigates!

Attacker Frigates

Da Tannenbomm

2015-01-21 23.19.15

Meet “Da Tannenbomm”, my Christmas tree inspired Stompa. The name is a bastardization of the German word for a Christmas tree, Tannenbaum. I imagine an Ork hearing that word and that it was for a holiday would assume that an exploding tree is an awesome idea. It is still a work in progress at this time because I pause every now and then because the model is so huge (its about a foot tall, and roughly the same mass as Chihuahua)!

I got to the current state by airbrushing the hull with Caliban Green and then picking out the metal bits in Leadbelcher or Warplock Bronze (which was then highlighted with Brassy Brass). The yellow parts were first painted with Iyanden Darksun and then I put on a few layers of Yriel Yellow. The turrets and ammo hoppers were basecoated with Mechrite Red and the shoulder pads were based in Macragge Blue and then highlighted with Caledor Sky. The feet are done in Rhinox Hide to make it look like a tree trunk though I am planning to weather it a bit with some exposed metal work via some stippling and drybrushing.

I still plan to make the smoke stacks on the back and one of the supa-rokkits look more like candy canes. The next part of the model I’m going to tackle is to paint on some crude ornaments on the hull and also drybrush the green parts very lightly white to get a frosting effect.

Here are some additional pictures from other angles:

2015-01-21 23.19.272015-01-21 23.19.49


First Post

Greetings to the Internet, I’m Audun54 and this will be a loosely updated chronicle of my forays into tabletop war gaming. Primarily, this will be a hobby blog focusing around my painting and some limited conversion work. I have been an avid wargamer for around 15 years now but I have yet to fully finish painting any of my armies. This blog will be my attempt to correct that. I play in a number of systems including Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Battlefleet Gothic, Dystopian Wars, and Dystopian Legions. Additionally, I’ll occasionally share my thoughts on the state of the hobby, some discussions on background material and occasionally a battle report or two. Or I’ll just ramble about something, who can say!

At this time I currently collect:

  • Space Marines (Angels of Repentance)
  • Imperial Guard (54th Cadian)
  • Orks (Churchal’s Foot Brigade)
  • Eldar (Alaitoc)
  • The Empire (Middenheim)
  • Warriors of Chaos (The Sanguine Brotherhood)
  • Tomb Kings (The Jade Legion)
  • The Imperial Navy (Battlefleet Scarus)
  • The Kingdom of Britannia in both Dystopian Wars and Legions (7th Northern Fleet and 95th Rifles respectively)


Thank you to the rare wanderer who finds and reads this, hopefully you will enjoy the journey as much as I do.