Painting Update and Reinforcements

So I have good news and bad news. Good news is I have finished the Eagle War Rotor and am on the last stages for the remaining Tribal cruisers and Bastion escorts.

Eagle War RotorEagle War Rotor 2

(cat added for color balance)

Bad news is that I have failed my self imposed challenge because the first of my Britannian reinforcements have arrived.

Wolf Flotilla

The Wolf Pack Flotilla will be bringing in some much needed small vessels in the form of the Valiant submarines along with the giant Vengeance class submarine, which is a submersible battleship with a giant chainsaw.

Wolf Flotilla 2Wolf Flotilla 3

I do not know anyone who can really resist the image of having a giant chainsaw tear through some unsuspecting ship while looking it’s coming straight from a Jules Verne novel.

However I have a way to salvage at least some pride, there is another box of reinforcements on its way that has yet to arrive. So the challenge is being altered, now lets see if I can finish those Tribals and Bastions before the second box arrives!