Reinforcements and Vanguard Step by Step

Within the next few days the Britannians will be getting quite a few reinforcements so I figured I’d set myself a challenge: see if I could finish all of the ships currently on my table before reinforcements arrive!

I started with finishing up the Hawk Scout Rotor squadron in a very similar scheme to the Attacker frigates posted earlier. The only main difference is that the Hawks have much more wood paneling on on them which were painted with Rhinox Hide as a base and then overbrushed with Mournfang Brown.

Finished Hawk


Now onto the step by step because I knew these submarines were going to be tricky going in because of the water bases. I wanted to avoid going with the typical bright blue color that most people paint the ocean, so I decided to go for something that looked kind of like the English Channel on a cloudy day though it might have ended up as something more Mediterranean.



First thing I did was basecoat the vessels themselves with Administratum Grey on the armor and Warplock Brass on the engine pods and smoke stack. Following this the metal areas such as the chainsaw’s superstructure and torpedo tubes were picked out in Leadbelcher. The water’s base is comprised of a mixture of one part Necron Abyss and three parts Caliban Green.


Vanguard 1


Now for the next step the hull was washed in Guilliman Blue. While this was drying, the fronts of the engine pods, ballast tanks and smokestacks were painted with Screaming Bell while the rest of the engine was done in Brass Scorpion. The base for the energy coils was then laid on with Caledor Sky. Following this, I highlighted the chainsaw blades with Ironbreaker. Now finding a color to highlight the water proved a bit tricky until I dug up an ancient bottle of Scaly Green that was still somewhat wet.

Vanguard 3


For the final steps I applied a liberal washing of Nuln Oil for the silver areas and Seraphim Sepia for the other metallic areas. While the washes were drying, the hull was given its final highlight of Codex Grey and the energy coils with Hoeth Blue. Once the washes dried, the chainsaw blades were highlighted with Mithril Silver to give it a well used sheen. The water was highlighted in two stages. Stage one was to apply a highlight of 2 parts White Scar and 2 parts Scaly Green. Then I applied a very watered down highlight of White Scar to the crests of the waves, intentionally making the intensity of the white uneven. The engine wake was given a very heavy drybrush of White Scar to make it look more choppy.

And there we go! Two completed Vanguard Submarines and their submerged markers. Now we only have 3 Tribal Cruisers and 1 Eagle War Rotor remaining.

Finished VanguardFinished Vanguard 2