Starting Russian Coalition and Painting How-To

I recently decided to start the Russian Coalition for Dystopian Wars for two reasons. One; I wanted another excuse to be able to declare all my actions in a game in Russian. Two: the models looked really fun to paint! In this setting the Russians are one of the more advanced nations because they have advanced machinery from stolen designs taken from the Covenant of Antarctica. They are not a fast fleet, rather they are a slow brutal armored fist that smashes their opponents at close range. And I am not kidding about the armored part since they have the Ablative Armour MAR which makes them extra tough to take down. And here they are!


Really happy with how the paint scheme turned out! Some may be wondering how I got the hull to look that smoky black color, so here is the recipe.


  1. Basecoat the hull with Celestra Grey, the roofs with Khorne Red, any wood with Rhinox Hide and the metal areas with Leadbelcher.
  2. Highlight the roofs with Evil Sunz Scarlet and the wood with Mournfang Brown.
  3. Wash everything with Nuln Oil
  4. Apply a wash of Adrax Earthshade to the grey areas, this gives the eventual black hull a more natural looking black.
  5. Then do two more washes of Nuln Oil to the grey areas.
  6. Once everything is dry, highlight the pipes with Ironbreaker.

And voila!


The result is a nice looking black that has the grey coming through slightly as a natural highlight. This technique also works really well for black armor, such as a Space Marine Chaplain.