Tankhunters, Engineers, and Werewolves Oh My

I have yet to play a game of Infinity but I aim to be prepared. In other words I was in a bit of slump and decided to cure that in the form of pewter. Now my Ariadnan strike force has some pretty cool reinforcements that are going to be a lot of fun. So here they are!

Ariadna Reinforcements

I really like the sculpts that Corvus Beli produces because these models are gorgeous!


This guy below is a Dozer. Kind of a mixture between an engineer, tinkerer and scavenger these guys are the main reason why Ariadna still has functional technology. In game terms he is my first dedicated specialist which is really important if I ever decide to go to an Infinity tournament.



Since the opponents I plan to go up against all really like the look of their factions TAGs (giant robots) I figured having someone called a Tankhunter would be quite helpful. Not only do these guys work as ambush predators with their Camouflage, but the Autocannon packs one hell of a punch. This is because it uses both AP and EXP ammunition types so anything he shoots at will be at half armor and he gets extra damage dice.

Tankhunter with Autocannon


Then there are these guys, Ariadna’s response to every other factions fancy mechs: Dogfaces and Dog Warriors. I’ll admit I am really looking forward to painting these guys. The mechanics for them are really interesting because they start the battle as Dogfaces (the burly guys with the knives) but if they get wounded they transform into the Dog Warriors. As you can imagine, these Werewolves are absolutely terrifying in close combat.

Dogface and Dog Warrior 1 Dogface and Dog Warrior 2

Unfortunately only one of them came with his tail so I had to sculpt the other one, hopefully its not too fluffy.


So there we have it. Reinforcements for Ariadna have been acquired so now it is on to painting them. Next update will either be me finishing up some of my Orks, working on the Ariadnans or possibly revealing my Space Marines.