The Doctor Will See You Now


Painboy and Grot Orderly

With those ships painted I decided to continue working on my Orks. What better way to start than with a Painboy and his Orderly.

PainboyGrot OrderlyPainboy and Grot Orderly 2

Here they are in all their bloody glory. When I picture an Ork doctor, I cant help but picture him as being drenched in blood. This is an Ork we are talking about after all, I doubt cleanliness factors into his bedside manner. I decided not to do a step by step of my process here because the Painboy has a distinct lack of skin to really showcase my method properly.

The blood is done by a process I found on the forum Bolters and Chainswords ages ago but it really is an outstanding find. To get the right color I mixed together Rhinox Hide, Abaddon Black, and Tamiya’s Clear Red. The Tamiya paint is the key to getting that nice wet look to the blood but by itself it looks more like red corn syrup. However mix in just enough brown and black and it looks nice and visceral (the levels of black and brown really depend on how old you want the blood to look).