Updated Ariadna

My Ariadnans have expanded slightly since my last update. Really I have only added two Traktor Muls, which brings me to about 300 points of Ariadnans! The Kazaks are slowly expanding, eventually I will get an Antipode Assault Pack and more Scouts. To celebrate though I’ve decided to take new cleaner (hopefully) pictures of them for the gallery.


Here are the Traktor Muls, some of the only hackable things in all of Ariadna. They are somewhat slower than other armies remotes but they are quite a bit cheaper points-wise and somewhat more durable. They also have the Baggage rule which makes them count for more points in certain missions for territory holding. More importantly the can resupply other units disposable weapons so you can lay down even more mines. There are three kinds of Traktor Muls: Uragan, Katyusha and Minesweepers. With the exception of the Minesweeper, they have the Guided rule which pairs really well with the plethora of Forward Observers that Ariadna can field.

DSCN0285 DSCN0286


This is the Uragan Traktor Mul. It is a multiple rocket launcher system that has three fire modes: Guided, Blast and Hit. Each fire mode uses AP and Shock ammo but Hit mode does slightly more damage. This is a really useful defensive piece because it has the Total Reaction rule so it fires three shots in ARO instead of one.


DSCN0287 DSCN0288

This is the Katyusha. It is also a multiple rocket launcher system but this uses DA ammo instead. This is meant to be used more against groups of enemies.


The Minesweeper is the same as the others but lacking weapons.I typically use one of the other models as a proxy for this if needed.

Minesweepers are useful because they are only 5 points, so really good for generating cheap orders. They can also steal your enemy’s mines and Netrods. Otherwise they are unarmed.


Main downside to the Traktor Muls is that they are not the most accurate shots in the world, and their weapons do not have the best range bands. When they hit though it is a very bad day for their target.